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Welcome to my Work History archive where you will find detailed examples of Fireplace Tile Cleaning and Renovation work carried out in West Cheshire.

Cleaning and Renovating Fireplaces and Hearths

Stone Fireplaces typically suffer from smoke staining which we can remove with the use of an alkaline gel cleaner such as Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel which sticks to the surface for longer and is easier to manage than a liquid cleaner. Other problems we typically come across involve hearths stained by Candle Wax and Rust from wrought iron fire baskets.

For Stone Fireplaces and especially Stone Hearths we recommend the application of a Sealer such as Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal which is almost invisible thus protecting the stone without changing its appearance.

Below you will find detailed examples of work we have carried out in the past, it should give you some idea of what’s involved and what can be achieved with the right techniques and products.

Red Wine Stained Limestone Fireplace Renovated in Sealand

Red Wine Stains Removed from a Limestone Fireplace Surround in Sealand

Earlier this year we was contacted by a resident on a new housing estate on the former MOD Sealand RAF base about their wine stained Limestone fireplace. This base was famous for its gliders and spitfires on the edge of North Wales and Cheshire but has since been closed.

The customer had dropped a glass of red wine on her new Limestone fireplace which resulted in obvious dark staining as it dripped down the Limestone. Naturally The customer was keen to have the stains removed and was horrified how badly it had affected the stone.

Red Wine Stained Limestone Fireplace Before Cleaning in Sealand

Fortunately, after researching the problem on the internet, she found Tile Doctor who have a simple solution for this problem which I’ll detail below.

Removing Wine Stains from a Limestone Fireplace

The first job was to protect the new carpet and walls from any splashing during the cleaning process. With that in place I started to apply our secret solution for dealing with these sorts of problems in the form of Tile Doctor Reduxa which is designed to remove acid stains from calcareous stone.

The stained areas were sprayed with Reduxa and then left to soak in for a few minutes. The solution was then warmed up with a heat gun. Doing this causes the solution to evaporate into a vapour which draws out the stain. This process needs repeating four or five times to draw out the stain but its very effective and does the job. Once removed the Fireplace was washed down with clean water then dried off with the heat gun.

The stone had never been sealed before so the last job was to apply Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal which is an impregnating sealer that works by soaking into the pores of the stone thereby preventing anything from residing there. Once dry it becomes invisible and does not change the colour of the stone.

Red Wine Stained Limestone Fireplace After Cleaning in Sealand

The work was soon completed and as you can imagine my customer was relieved that the staining was now gone.


Professional Removal of Wine Stains from Limestone in Cheshire

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