Removing Scratches from Corian Worktops in Cuddington

Scratched Corian Worktop Renovation Cuddington Cheshire

We recently received an enquiry from the Cheshire village of Cuddington regarding a Corian worktop which was cracked and scratched in many places. Although well known for our floor restoration work the equipment, we use works equally well on stone worktops so we were happy to be of assistance.

Scratched Corian Worktop Before Renovation Cuddington Cheshire

Granite is probably the ultimate surface for a Kitchen worktop and although extremely durable it is expensive. Corian is manmade and has a lower cost but is more easily damaged by heat and scratching than natural stone. It is however a very solid material and we find it can be maintained in a similar way to natural stone.

Scratched Corian Worktop Before Renovation Cuddington Cheshire

Having discussed the size of the worktop and costs to repolish the surface a date was worked out for a visit.

Polishing Scratches out of a Corian Worktop

To renovate the Corian Countertop the first step was to run over the surface with a hand held polishing machine fitted with a 800-grit resin disc. Water is used to keep the worktop wet so as to absorb the fine dust that is generated. The pad needs to be applied to the point where the scratches are removed and then to avoid creating shallow areas its necessary to run the pad over the entire surface taking it down to the same level.

The worktop is rinsed with water to remove the fine slurry that is generated and then the process repeated with a 1200-grit disc followed by another rinse. At this point all the scratches and cracks in the Corian should have disappeared but the polished appearance will had dulled as a result.

Scratched Corian Worktop During Renovation Cuddington Cheshire

To put back the shine on the countertop it needs to be polished and for this we like to use Tile Doctor Diamond Burnishing pads which are available in a 6 inch diameter and a perfect size for use with the hand held buffer. It’s a similar process using water for lubrication and starting with an 800-grit pad and finishing with a 1500-grit pad.

Sealing a Corian Kitchen Worktop

Once the worktop was dry two coats of sealer were applied to protect it. On this occasion I used Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal which is undetectable natural look product that is recommend for use in food preparation and serving areas.

Scratched Corian Worktop After Renovation Cuddington Cheshire

To finish I buffed the worktop with a 6-inch white pad, the transformation was fantastic and my costumer was over the moon. For aftercare I recommend the use of Tile Doctor Stone Patina Spray which is a mild cleaner that will maintain the patina of the stone.

Scratched Corian Worktop After Renovation Cuddington Cheshire


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