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Welcome to my Work History archive where you will find detailed examples of the cleaning and renovation of Vinyl tiles carried out in West Cheshire

Cleaning and Renovating Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring whether it be in a Tile format or a full floor covering has come a long way from the days of being a flimsy plastic based product some of which were made from a wood pulp/resin mix called Linoleum, hence the word Lino. Manufacturers have since introduced products that are tough, scratch resistant blends which are a lot more durable than in the past. Well-known brands include Amtico, Karndean, Altro and Rhino flooring and although durable these products do require a sealer to protect the surface from marking, enhance the colour and appearance of the Vinyl and if required add a sheen finish.

Like any sealed surface, the sealer on Vinyl will wear down over time depending on use and so will require stripping off and re-applying. Tile Doctor has a long background in creation of products for the removal of sealers and have developed Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip, which will strip off any remaining sealer and prepare the Vinyl for a new coating. To reseal the floor Tile Doctor recommend Tile Doctor Vinyl Shine, either 2 or 3 coats can be applied to give a satisfactory sheen finish and enhance the colours.


Below you will find detailed examples of work we have carried out in the past, it should give you some idea of what’s involved and what can be achieved with the right techniques and products.

Vinyl Shop Floor Before and After Renovation in Stockton Heath

Commercial Vinyl Shop Floor Stripped and Polished in Stockton Heath

We were contacted by an optician in Stockton Heath who had decided it was time their wood effect Vinyl showroom floor was renovated. Stockton Heath is only a couple of miles away from our base in Warrington and has become very popular due to its trendy cafés and restaurants.

Opticians Vinyl Floor Before Cleaning Stockton Heath

I visited site to survey the wood effect Vinyl floor which was looking grubby in the high traffic areas and it was clear that the polish protecting the Vinyl from dirt had worn down and dirt was now accumulating. The Vinyl flooring ran throughout the premises including the shop floor and all the side rooms totalling 90m2.

Opticians Vinyl Floor Before Cleaning Stockton Heath Opticians Vinyl Floor Before Cleaning Stockton Heath

I was confident the floor could be significantly improved and gave them a quote for stripping the old polish off the floor and applying new, I was aware that the work would need to be carried out when the shop was shut. They were happy with my price and a date was booked for a Sunday when the shop would be closed giving plenty of time to complete the work before reopening on Monday morning. In these situations, we try to be as flexible as possible.

Cleaning an Opticians Vinyl Tiled Floor

On arrival the first job was to clear the rooms of its many fittings and chairs. As the area was so large, we were able to do this and then tackle the floor in stages. Once this was done, we got started by applying Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip and left it to soak in for twenty minutes. This product softens the old polish that had built up on the floor allowing it to be removed. All the polish would have to be removed in order to get back to the surface of the Vinyl and a fresh polish applied.

To help remove the old polish the Vinyl Strip was scrubbed into the floor using a buffing machine fitted with a red buffing pad which is softer than a black stripping pad. The floor was sprayed with water which acts as a lubricant for the red pad and it made short work of removing the old polish. The resultant slurry was removed with a wet vacuum, keeping the mess to a minimum. We then placed two big air blowers around the building to speed up the drying process.

Applying Polish to a Wood Effect Vinyl Tiled Shop Floor

Once the vinyl floor was dry, we applied another Tile Doctor product developed by Tile Doctor called Vinyl Shine which is designed to seal and add polish to Vinyl floors. It uses a high solids polymer formula that suitable for commercial floors where you get high foot traffic. It leaves a subtle wet look gloss finish, yet it actually increases slip resistance. Once the polish had dried, we returned all the furniture back in place so they would be ready to open the following morning.

Opticians Vinyl Floor After Cleaning Stockton Heath Opticians Vinyl Floor After Cleaning Stockton Heath

The client was impressed with his new looking floor and he asked if he could sign up for a maintenance contract every three months which will ensure the floor is regularly maintained and ensure the shop floor is always well presented.

Maintaining Polished Vinyl Flooring

One of the problems we find often occurs with shop floors like this is with the cleaner using the wrong product to clean the floor, often they use something bought in bulk from a local wholesaler. It’s worth checking what they are using as many products are too strong for polished floors and will result in the polish breaking down prematurely.

For this customer we recommended Tile Doctor Neutral cleaner, it has a pH neutral formula that will clean the floor effectively without damaging the polish. They can leave this for their cleaner and it will ensure the floor is kept in the best condition between our maintenance visits and it smells nice and fresh too!


Professional Restoration of an Opticians Vinyl Tiled Floor in West Cheshire

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